It’s always hard to choose the best 32-inch smart TV in India. Therefore, we are here with the best TV you can go with. We will see all types of TV here whether you are looking for HD or you are looking for ANDORID, we will have it here in this list. Did we mention that you can also get 4K at an affordable price? Of course, we will see that too. With that being, let’s get into the list and see the products.

We will start with a high budget and then head over to a low budget. In this way, you can get the best TV.

Complete List of Best 32 Inch Smart TV in India 2022

List of Best 32 Inch Smart TV Under 10000 in India

List of Best 32 Inch Smart TV Under 20000 in India

List of Best 32 Inch Smart TV Under 30000 in India

#1 Sony Bravia 32" Smart TV Review (32W672G)

Sony Bravia 80.1 cm (32 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV KLV-32W672G (Black)
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080) | Refresh Rate: 50 hertz
  • Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console | 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices
  • Sound : 30 Watts Output | Built-in Woofer: Power your entertainment with deep bass
  • Smart TV Features : Smart Plug and Play: Easily connect and view photos, music and videos from mobile phone or USB device | USB Tethering: Seamlessly connect to Internet with Mobile Data | Access YouTube instantly with one click
  • Display : HDR: A truly lifelike viewing experience | X-Reality Pro: Rediscover every detail | X-Protection PRO: Xtra Protection TV

Who doesn’t know about Bravia? It is one of the KEY3 in India, you will get it almost at the price of 30k which is quite good. Here, you will get all the features you want. It comes with a 1080 display and there are 2 HDMI ports here. Further, it has got X reality Pro that will enhance the picture quality of the video. It comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty which is yet another steal. You will get motion flow XR made that makes it one of the best 32-inch smart TV under 30000.

The TV has all the smart features allowing you to have complete access to all the shows available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc. For gamers, it has got HDR gaming experience that you can access anytime you want. As it is by Bravia, you won’t have to worry about the display quality and the picture quality of the TV. It has got the best TV and the display quality and the picture quality. 

If you are looking for the best 32-inch smart TV in India which has the best display and a TV where you watch all your favorite shows, this is the best choice you can go with. It has got all the things you can probably imagine which makes it great.

The good thing is that it’s the latest model. Some of the models are old and it doesn’t give any of the features whereas that’s not the case here. In this, you will get all the features as well as the picture quality is great. 

The new model will ensure that the performance is up to the mark. Some of the old models don’t have the best features and performance. This is why you should go with the latest model.

Sony Smart TV Sale on amazon

#2 Sony Bravia 32W6100

The next one we are going to is also by the same company. Unlike the previous one, this is not the best 32-inch full HD smart TV in India but you will surely get a 720p display here. The display resolution is quite great as compared to other things. This is why you can surely go with the TV. 

Bravia will make sure that the picture quality is great and in this way, you can get the best possible quality here. Further, there are some of the things that you need to keep in mind here. On this TV, you will get X reality Por. This will include Motionflow XR.

The sound quality is great. You can surely use it for gaming purposes. You will get 2 HDMI ports which are enough for the people. Further, you can also attach the USB device too. The TV has two USB and HDMI ports. You can surely use the HDR gaming here. 

All of these things will make sure that you are getting what you require. Overall, it’s one of the best Vs that you can go with this TV. As this is by Sony Bravia, you will not have to worry about the picture and the sound quality. Both of them are great here. Therefore, you can surely go with this TV where you will get all the things.

#3 Samsung 80cm T4340 Smart HD TV

Samsung smart tv deal

Samsung launched the T4340 HD Ready Smart TV in the Wondertainment series to diversify entertainment at a negotiable price. Its LED display and HD Ready video system with 1366×768 resolution lets you adapt to a remarkable experience with the better calibration of contrast and details. With Contrast Enhancer, you can adjust the flat images into real by a rigorous understanding of the setting. 

The High Dynamic Range enhances the bright illustration by detailing the picture quality through a band of colors in dark scenes as well. This Smart TV offers a real-like video display with PurColor that allows the device to bring out vibrant colors for ultimate performance and the Ultra Clean View feature analyses the raw data for HD and less disturbing pictures.

Media formats range from AVI and ASF for simultaneous hassle-free playback of both audio and video, and multiple media streaming from the Windows Media Framework tool (ASF is owned by Microsoft). You can stream your desired movie and series from your favorite apps like Netflix, Hotstar, etc. Well, it supports a USB port for connecting external devices to view media, listen to music.

Primarily, T4340 is capable of turning itself into a perfect computer with its Personal Computer option, capable of features like casting any device and cloud computing. 

It also enables tracking the remote computer you want to work on. Its Dolby Digital Plus sound configuration and MP3, WMA audio format lets out a virtual music experience from the TV.

#4 LG 32" Smart TV (LM563BPTC)

The next best smart TV under 20000 which you can get is the LG. LG has been in the game for a long time now. There are many people out there who prefer to go with the LG’s model. This is why we have covered it here. It doesn’t matter for some people but it comes to wit dark grey color which will just steal the view from your eyes. 

The appearance and the build quality of the TV are too good. Most importantly, it’s a 2020 model and the new model is also going go launched soon. The product is fulfilled by Amazon which gives you another reason to get this tool.

The TV comes with a web OS and home dashboard. For doing office related task, it has also got Office 365. This will make sure that your next business presentation doesn’t go flop. The renovated interface opens up a flow of desired apps on the TV’s homepage with exciting new features like one-click play, animations and Lanting Pro font, and entertainment right from Amazon Prime to Zee5 and all the similar apps. 

You can even convert your TV into a casting device with an already instilled Chromecast while the Google assistant never fails to impress you with its voice process and is capable of searching more than 5 lakh shows per requirement. Overall, the TV is great and you will get all the things that you are looking for here. It’s slim in size and also has a sound quality.

LG smart tv features

#5 Mi LED TV 4A PRO 32-inches

You surely are looking for the next best 32-inch smart TV in India and thinking why MI isn’t on the list, right? Xiaomi has yet another best 32-inch smart TV in India with its 80cm HD-Ready smart TV, keeping customer satisfaction in mind. Ultra-bright HD-Ready display delivers a balanced combination of visual features for realistic television viewing. 

The 7th generation camera processor lets you adjust picture quality along with less noise. 4A PRO 32(in) runs on Android TV 9.0 which is the latest version to pair up with Google for an easier yet smart innovative experience. This version is supported by Google Play to let the viewers match their preferences to watch and play respectively.

Google supported Data Saver saves the TV from drying out from multiple video plays and lets you control your TV through your smartphone as well. Well, its major aspect claims big with 2 installed speakers and DTS-HD 20W powerful sound system for a theatre-like experience. Its 64-bit A53 Quadcore processor comes with 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage. We will now see the pros and cons to know more about the TV and see whether it’s perfect for you not.

#6 Toshiba 32L5050 TV Review

Toshiba 80 cm (32 inches) Vidaa OS Series HD Ready Smart ADS LED TV 32L5050 (Black) (2020 Model)
  • Resolution: HD Ready (1366x768) | Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz
  • Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports to connect set top box, gaming console etc | 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices | Screen Mirroring
  • Sound : 20 Watts Output | dbx-tv | Powerful Dolby Audio
  • Smart TV Features: VIDAA OS, Designed specifically for Televisions: Fast, Simple & Easy, Customizable | Quick Remote | App Store | Netflix | Prime Video | Yupp TV | Hungama & more
  • Display: ADS Panel | CEVO Engine Premium | Active Motion Resolution+ |Contrast Booster | Dynamic Mode | Sleek Design

If you are looking for the best 32-inch smart TV under 15000 in India, you should surely have a loom at the Toshiba. Toshiba has their best TV that came with VDAA and amazed to be in the list of the best 32-inch smart TV under 15000. Sometimes, the price might increase a little bit depending on the time you go with or the model you choose. The price will be roughly around the same price. So, you will get the TV somewhere around 15k. 

So, we can either consider this as the best 32-inch smart TV under 20000 or we can consider this in the best smart TV under 15000. This is surely your choice.

This comes with the quick remote, app store, and there is a quick and easy-to-use UI. The user interface is made for all the non-technical people as well as it’s interesting enough for the people who are a bit technical and use this. The resolution you will get covers the CEVO engine premium. This will increase the display quality. 

You will also get the active motion resolution plus. There is a contrast booster that will increase the display resolution. This will make the TV HD ready.

There are two HDMI ports where you can easily connect various devices. If you want to use the USB device, you can also use the USB ports. There are two USB ports here that you can use. The connectivity options of the TV are more. This way it is the best 32-inches smart TV in India.


best tv under 20000

#7 Kodak Android LED TV X7XPRO

Kodak has been on the market for a long time and has been providing the best camera in the market. But we are here to talk about the best 32-inch Android TV in India, right? Well, Kodak has something similar that you can get. This is not a  32-inch full HD smart TV in India but you will get the 720p resolution here which is pretty good. The price is affordable and anyone can buy this. Therefore, we can surely add this one to the list and move further.

It has a superior slick and comes with a great slim design. You can easily get the best picture view here. Kodak also has included the Chromecast here which is a great thing. 

You will get all the smart features that are there in the best 32-inch android smart TV in India as it will include the voice search and you can find many of your favorite shows from Amazon Prime.

kodak tv advntages

#8 Shinco Smart TV Review (S032SF)

Shinco 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV SO32SF (Black) (2021 Model) | with Alexa Built-in
  • Resolution: HD Ready (1366x768) | Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz | Viewing Angle: 178 degrees
  • Connectivity: 3 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blu Ray players, gaming console | 2 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices | 1 Optical Output to connect high end soundbars, speakers | Bluetooth | Wifi | LAN (Ethernet)
  • Sound : 20 Watts Output | Stereo Surround Sound | 5 Sound Modes
  • Smart TV Features: Alexa Built-in | A-35 Quad Core Processor | Android 8.0 | Uniwall |2000000+ Hours of Content | Content Discovery Engine | Stream Live News | OTA Updates | 1GB RAM | 8GB ROM | E-Share for iOS and Android | 20000+ Free Movies from 16 different Languages with MOVIEBOX App
  • Display: A+ Grade Panel | Quantum Luminit Technology with 16.7 million Colors | HRDP Technology | Digital Noise Reduction | Cinema Mode | Cricket Picture Mode

The next TV that you can go with is the Shinco TV which has an 80 cm screen size. Shinco is pretty new fr some people. Many Indians don’t know about this brand. Don’t worry, it’s not a Chinese product. 

The brand is made in India and if you want to support the Indian brands as well as get the best 32-inch smart TV in India at an affordable rate, you can surely check this out. The company manages to be the best in all the features. It has AV port, HDM prt, and comes with 1 GM RAM.

The picture quality of the TV is above average and the sound quality is also excellent. In the given price range, the TV is surely something that you can get. Therefore, you can surely check out the TV and support Indian companies.

#9 VU 32GA TV Review

best VU smart tvs

The next TV we are going to see is the best one you can get. If you are looking for the most affordable TV which also has a 32-inch screen size, this one is for you. Here, you will get the vest experience. It’s by the company called VU. VU has been on the internet for a long time now and they have been giving you the best TVs that you can go with. 

This is the best affordable model by them which you can get for under 15k. If you are planning to use it as a personal computer, this is the best one you can go with. Here, you will get all the features.

The picture quality is sharp and crystal clear. It’s hard to believe that one can get such a great TV at an affordable price. VU has crystal clear sound quality too. You will get all the apps or we should say licensed Apps such as YouTube, Netflix, Voot, Prime Video, Hotstar, Google Play Hotkeys on Remote Control. 

You can surely download more of them if you want. In some of the models, you won’t get the Voot app installed on the device. For that, you will have to download it manually. You can surely do it with few clicks. The interface is quite easy and attractive. If you are looking for a TV which can save your money as well as get the quality you want, you can surely get this



This depends on your requirements. You can go with the TV which has HD or a Full HD display. These will are the best for you.

Of course, if it’s a smart TV, you can surely see this.  On some TVs, you will have to download ut on your own. It will hardly take few minutes to do this.

You can get the TV for roughly 15000. Of course, the price might increase or decrease depending on the type of model you are going with. However, this is the pricing.

There is no 4k good quality TV that you can get. You will have to go with the 32-inch full HD TV instead. This will do the work.


To conclude, these are some of the best 32-inches smart TV under 30000. You can surely get any of these TVs as per your wish. We have made sure that we have covered the maximum range of TV from the available option. So, you can surely get the one that is right for you.

When it comes to TV, no one can tell you which is the perfect you. It is you who will have to decide the same thing. FO you, the best TV could be the Samsung TV whereas, for some people, the best TV can be the one by MI. in this way, we can never tell you which is the perfect one for you. Depending on your requirements, you can go with the TV that suits you.

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