Best 43 inch Smart TV in India 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Today, there are many best 43-inch Smart TV products in India. Starting from big brands like Sony to the small brands in India, there are many options available for you.

Gone are the days when you just had to choose the screen size and brand. Now, even the same brand has more than 2 products. As a result, it has become difficult to choose the best TV on the market.

We have created a list of the best TVs that you can go with.

We know that now everyone who wants to buy the 43-inch TV has the same budget. So, we have divided the entire article into various parts. Each of the parts has a price range. You will only find the products which are in that range. So, the process becomes a lot simpler and easier.

Complete List of Best 43 Inch Smart TV in India 2022

List of Best 43 Inch Smart TV Under 20000

List of Best 43 Inch Smart TV Under 30000

List of Best 43 Inch Smart TV Under 40000

List of Best 43 Inch Smart TV Under 50000

1. Sony Bravia 43X7400H Review

The first Amazon product that you can go with is Sony Bravia. If you are looking for expensive smart TVs, then you should go with the Bravia model.

As you will get the crystal clear display here. It’s an Android TV which has an ultra HD display. Of course, if you are spending so much money on a TV, you should surely go with the one that has all the UHD display. It comes with bass reflex speakers, ClearAudio+ technology. Along with this, it has a 4k X reality pro display along with Motion flow XR. Therefore, the display and sound quality are awesome.

Talking about the overall look, you will get the narrow bezel and slim design here. That’s a great thing. It has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports for connectivity. It has a 3840×2160 pixel resolution. TV is great for gaming and HDR. It also has a tri-luminous display.

The colours are awesome and it will give you a realistic experience. Sometimes, the price goes up and you will have to spend a couple of bucks more than 50k. However, if you don’t want to spend this much money, you can surely have a look at our other TVs that we mentioned.



2. Sony Bravia 43 Inch KDL-43W6603 LED TV Review

40k is considered an above-average budget when you are buying a TV of 43-inch screen size. Therefore, we have some of the researched products here that you can go with.

If you are looking for a TV under 40000, you should surely have a look at the Sony Bravia model. Bravia has always been the number 1 choice of people when it comes to the display of the TV.

You will see a clear vision here as it supports full HD resolution. The display also includes X reality pro, and Motionflow XR There are enough connectivity options available here. You can connect HDMI, USB, etc. Of course, it supports all the OTT platform. Features like screen mirroring are also supported here.

For games, you can play games in HDR. There are 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports available here. So, connectivity is extremely easier. Now, let’s talk about the picture quality and audio quality. Of course, the picture quality is awesome simply because it’s Bravia. It also has an X-reality pro which makes it more amazing. Not to mention, it has HDR 10 where you can also play games. It has ClearAudio+ for better audio. So, get ready for some amazing sound from this.



3. Samsung UHD Smart TV UA43TUE60FKXXL Review

Samsung has so much bran presence in India that some people are purely looking for Samsung’s best 43 Inch Smart TV.  That’s the reason, we are here with the Samsung model. You will get this under 40k.

Before we get more into the features, one of the best things about this TV is the display. You will get Ultra HD Display here. The resolution is 4k with a supported pixel of 3840×2160. There are 3 HDMI ports available along with the 2 UBS ones.

For better sound, it has Dolby digital plus. It includes Alexa. If you are in love with the voice assistant, this is something that you will surely love. Did we mention that the display also includes a contrast enhancer?

By this, you will see a clear and sharp picture. It will enhance the regular display with some tweaks. You can mirror your computer’s display. For gamers, it’s heaven because it also has a game enhancer. This will increase the quality of the game you are playing.



4. VU Ultra Android 43 Inch LED TV Review

For the people who are looking for the best 43-inch Smart TV under 30000, we have collected a wide range of TVs for you. Some of them might be slightly more than 30k. For example, if we found the best TV that is priced Rs 30,499, we have included that TV here. As you can easily increase 500. If not, there is nothing to worry about as we have many TVs and not just one. You will surely find the best one from here.

Android Smart TVs are great. They are not only affordable but also comes with some of the interesting features that you can go through. Here, you will get Android 9.0 as your operating system.

It has Google play store and all the other Google apps including Google games, Google TV, etc. This is the reason why people love Android TV. You don’t even need to mirror the mobile, you can do it directly with the TV. It has a full HD display. You will get Mali 470 MP GCP.

It includes Dolby Audio sound with DTA studio sound. However, the sound quality is still not up to the mark. The display however takes the competition to a new level.

You will get an A+ grade display with noise reduction and game mode too. The game mode will enhance the picture. There are all the other apps included such as YouTube, Netflix, etc. Now, we will see the pros and cons of TV. So, you can know better whether this TV is worth the pricing you are paying or not.



best VU smart tvs

5. LG 43 Inch Smart TV 43LM5650PTA Review

The next best 43 -inch smart TV that you can go with is LG. It’s the 2020 model and comes with a Full HD Display. Here, you will get a 1920 x 1080 display with a refresh rate of 50 Hz. There are 2 HDMI ports which are enough. It has WebOS for all the smart features.

The Smart features are pretty interesting as you will also get some of LG’s applications here along with OTT apps. You will have to download YouTube and similar apps. The display is good and slim. It has Dolby audio and DTS virtual. The combination of both of these is surely awesome and will give enhanced sound quality.

Along with the trust of LG’s brand, the TV makes it place in our top list. One of the good things here is that the Wi-Fi stays connected to the TV even when you put your TV in standby mode. It will not use the internet but it stays connected.

So, you can turn it on from a Bluetooth remote too. The OS is better than Android for TV. The description is always confusing as you can’t decide whether to buy it or not. That’s why we will now see the pros and cons of this TV to know more.



LG smart tv features

6. Onida IPS 43 inch Smart TV 43FIF Review

Onida is one of the oldest yet most popular brands out there. One of the models that you can have a look at here is Onida 43FIF.

It is a bit old model as it was launched in the previous year. However, it will cost you under 25k. You will just have to spend a couple of bucks more than 20k. So, it’s worth the price. It will give you a fire TV experience. In simpler words, it will bring all the streaming content together in one place.

For sound, it has DTS TruSurround sound like all the Onida televisions have. You will get Fire TV OS. It also includes voice control by Alexa along with Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, etc.

It has a wide viewing angle. Talking about the display and the picture quality, you will get superior picture quality here. You can easily mirror the content from your mobile phones. This makes it easier to play your favourite games on the laptop.

It can also control all the smart lights of your home. So, this is one of the things that you need to see. Unlike most of the TVs, here the voice recognition is awesome. Most of the televisions don’t have proper voice recognition and you will have to speak the same thing twice. That’s not the problem here.



7. Sanyo XT-43FHD4S Android TV Review

The TV that we recommend you is Sanyo TV. The name of the TV might sound new to many people. However, it’s quite famous and has more than 500 reviews on Amazon.

The rating and reviews are also good. With that being said, let’s get into the main topic. It’s an android TV which comes with a 108 cm screen. It has Android Pie OS in it, which is Android 9.0. You will get 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB of storage.

The picture quality is great and comes with micro-diming technology. It will also reduce the display dot noise. In simpler words, you will see a better picture.

Further saying, the installation is easy and fast. There are plenty of connectivity options here. For example, you will get 3 HDMI ports where you can add the streaming device or gaming device. You will get 2 USB ports.

Other than this, there are all other basic options like headphones out, etc. Last but not the least, you will get Chromecast built-in. Overall, it’s a great TV which includes all the popular features. Most importantly, it’s affordable. You can get this smart TV in less than 25k INR from Amazon India.

top features sanyo tv



8. HiSense 43A71F Android TV Review

HiSense is also one of the popular television brands in India. If we wanted you to tell in one line why this TV is worth choosing, then it would go something like this. It has a 4K Ultra HD display with 3 HDMI ports and it will cost you less than 30k.

These three reasons are enough to buy the TV. Further, it allows 5G and Wi-Fi. You will get 22 watts output with Dolby Atmos speakers. The sound is powerful and you will get all the smart features here. It includes 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. You can download any app from the Play store and some of the apps are in-built.

For display and better picture quality, it has a Dolby vision HDR display with ultra diming. So, you will see the clearest picture. It has HDR10+ and HDR 10 along with HLG support. This simply means that the picture quality is great here. Further, if you are worried about the looks, it comes with a bezel-free display.

So, the edges will look completely different than regular TV. It’s ultra-slim and has various modes such as game mode, sports mode, etc. You can use these modes as per the requirement. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons.



8. Philips 108 43 Inch Smart TV 43PFT550 Review

If you have the least budget, you can go with this product. Usually, the people who want to use TV as their computer have this budget. So, we have kept in mind that requirement.

For the people who are looking for the best 43 -inch smart TV under 20,000 INR in India, you should surely check out the Philips TV.

The pricing might sometimes go above 20k. However, it will surely hover around 20k. So, you can wait for the scheme if the price is more or you can directly go with it. It’s your choice for sure. Talking about the TV, it’s the latest 2020 model which has a full HD display and comes with 2-year warranty.

You will get 2 HDMI ports which are perfect for gaming and all sort of things. Not to mention, it also has a USB port where you can insert the pen drive. Talking about the sound quality, here you will get incredible sound with 12 watts’output. It also has dynamic bass enhancement. For better picture quality, it has a Pixel Plus HD display, you will get better picture quality with this.

Like mentioned, the quality is also amazing. If you look at the price, you will get a lot of things in just roughly under 20k which is awesome. Let’s still have a look at the pros and cons of the TV.





It depends on your requirements. However, you will surely find the best TV in the range of 25k to 35k. You can increase or decrease the price as per your requirements.

If you want to go with the cheapest 43-inch smart TV, it will cost you less than 20k in price. However, we recommend you to see all the models and then choose one TV.

Generally, people prefer to go between 40 to 47-inch TV. There are lots of models in 43-inch screen size as compared to any other. So, we recommend you to go with 43-inch.


To conclude, you can choose any best 43-inch Smart TV from the given list. We have made sure that all the price ranges are included here. In this way, you will surely find the most suitable TV for yourself.

It doesn’t matter what your budget is or which is your favourite brand, there is a model for all these things. So, you will surely find the best TV from the given list.

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