One Chasing for a premium quality in best Android TVs in India at a reasonable price is a wide criterion often worked on by the manufacturing companies. Televisions fall no far from this major and run severe expectations amongst customers. We gradually look for something to cherish upon despite of throwing our money relentlessly after any product in market. 

That’s where this review is going to help strike your precious money away to rest somewhere convenient. Down you would see reasons why you need to make up your mind for products listed below. Several go through would help you acquire a better idea about best android TVs in India.

Complete List of Best Android TV in India 2022

Best Android TV Under 50000 in India

Best Android TV Under 30000 in India

Best Android TV Under 25000 in India

Best Android TV Under 20000 in India

Best Android TV Under 15000 in India

#1 Mi TV 4X 55 inches

Xiaomi never fails to attract customers towards its affordable yet remarkable Best Android TVs in India under 50,000. Its gradual step up in HDR and 4K technology is creating waves in the television market as well. Starting this list with an eventual favourite, Mi TV 4X (138.8cm) is surely a good option to spend on. Like the previous ones this too comes with vibrant options of apps to choose from with PatchWall 3.0. Its designed for an easy viewing. 

Accessing every content gets swift for you. A lighter theme and a system to browse live and latest contents in categories is impressive. Its powered with Android TV 9.0 in pair with Google Play store to let you download any app you wish for. You can cast your smartphone on TV with Chromecast as well. 

Amlogic Cortex A53 processor would work wonders on your flat device. Its built with 3 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and an SPDIF port. Its Dolby DTS-HD 20W speaker plays great for any music lovers. 

Lastly, a primary attraction on this smart TV is obviously its 10-bit panel that merges more than 10 billion colours for an authentic experience. It’s the Best Android TVs in India under 50,000 it surely would be my initial recommendation.

Mi tv 55 inches display and connectivity

#2 Sony Bravia 4K UHD Smart Android LED TV

Sony has been keeping an intriguing reputation on Best Android TVs in India under 50,000 since its first ever world-wide success. Now in the series of 4K Ultra HD TVs, Android LED TV 43X74 captures quite of a space in the entertainment industry. Its X1 4K processor lets you dive into a radiant and surreal viewing experience with a 4K quality like never before. 

Triluminous Display and Motion Flow XR are responsible for giving you a bright real like colour combination along with undisturbed smoothness and detail. For a gaming freak this is an awesome buy in and about 50,000 rupees. Its flooded with selected features in sound system with Bass Reflex Speakers, a clear Dolby audio to cherish upon, S-Force Front Surround, and a scope to adjust sound for all frequencies with Clear Phase Audio. It runs on Android Operating System with Google Play Store and its assistant in mainstream. 

Well it too has a Chromecast to it with Remote Hot Keys. Comparing it with present technology and the craze of buying perfect television at a neither costly nor cheap price, this is the best android TV in India under 50,000.

#3 TCL 4K UHD Smart LED TV 43P615

TCL 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart LED TV 43P615 (Black)
  • Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3860 x 2160) | Refresh Rate: 60 Hertz
  • Connectivity : 3 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blue Ray players | 1 USB ports to connect hard drives and other USB devices
  • Sound: 24 Watts Output | Dolby Audio Power Speakers | Surround Virtualizer
  • Smart TV Features :Built-In Wifi | Prime video |4K Android TV+HDR 10 |AI-Google Assistant | Certified Android P| Screen Cast+T-cast |2GB RAM - 16GB ROM |5000+ Apps YouTube, Netflix
  • Display : A+ Grade Panel | UHD | HDR 10 | Slim Design

Quite a few searches ranging from low to high prices are categorised under this “30,000” slot. Of which my first pick is this 108cm Smart TV from TCL. It’s a Best Android TVs in India under 30,000 TV with the best technology providing a 3840×2160 resolution with HDR 10 adjustment. 

HDR 10 helps in recreating the visuals dynamically combining with contrast and wide colour variations. 4K Upscaling clarifies and enhances the colour detail for a levelled-up viewing. Features like Dynamic Colour Enhancement and Micro Dimming can vary the picture quality from high to low display and dim the screen in particular areas for separate black and white enrichment respectively. 

Its audio aspect is quite gripping with 30W sound production alone from Dolby Audio. With Google Assistant you can easily interact with your TV through its AI process. This smart system contains the simultaneous work process from Android P and Google Play Store, allowing you to access more than 5000 apps and beyond. 

A best thing about TCL is its smart home system that lets you interconnect every smart or TCL device to each other through its AIxIoT process.

#4 vu TV 4A Horizon 43 inches Full HD TV

It’s a Best Android TVs in India under 30,000 from Xiaomi, from its Horizon edition. The Horizon display comprises of a perfect viewing angle of 178 degrees with Bright Picture Engine for an effortless viewing experience. Its Bezel-Less design expands the view into a real-like visual. 

Well Mi follows its home features with PatchWall for unlimited listing of movies and shows. Its likewise search and live gathering facility is now advanced with Kids Mode. Where your little ones can favour their entertainment in just a click. 

Generally, there’s Google to play supportive with its supermarket of Play Store and an Assistant to your needs. You can cast your phone whenever you feel like. Speakers remain the same with 20W sound output with DTS-HD installation.

best VU smart tvs

#5 Mi 4A pro 32 inches HD Ready Android TV

Indian hands taking over the American market in 2006, formed this company in one part of the US. That also claims the spot of largest-selling television brand in India. Ultra-Android LED TV 43GA comes around 26,000 and is able to win best amongst customers. Pure Prism Panel provides clear balance of white in broad daylight as well. Manufacturers ensured equal brightness distribution at every corner and edge of the TV. 

Its powered by Android Pie 9.0 to surf through the latest technology along with Google. You can easily navigate through one app to another with OTT hotkeys on the remote.

 Its Digital MPEG Noise Reduction improves the video quality with the help of Adaptive Contrast. It works amazingly in improving the dark and light areas accordingly for a detailed picture quality while blocking away any kind of noise around. 

You would like its Dolby Multi Stream Decoder that alone executes a wide range of audio functions, in an amplified way. Its DTS Studio Sound feature adjusts the surrounding sound for a clearer human voice above any kind of audio or sound. Its 60Hz refresh rate and 1920×1080 resolution is meant for the best gaming and PC experience. It runs smooth on a 64-bit Quad Core processor with a powerful Graphics Processing unit. 

According to me the VU TV Cricket Mode is something you can’t get over of. That full visibility of a ball on the ground is impressive and authentic Best Android TVs in India under 30,000 at such an affordable price.

#6 Panasonic Full HD Android Smart TV HS450

Panasonic 100 cm (40 inches) Full HD Android Smart LED TV TH-40HS450DX (Black) (2020 Model)
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920x1080) | Refresh Rate: 60 hertz
  • Connectivity: 2 HDMI ports to connect set top box, Blu-Ray players, gaming console | 2 USB port to connect hard drives and other USB devices
  • Smart TV Features : Android OS (Ver. 9.0) by Google | ARM CA53 Quad Core with TEE and secure boot 1.1GHz | Google Assistant Built-in | Netflix, Prime, Youtube and Many More| Chromecast Built-in
  • Sound : 16 Watts Output| Audio Link| V-Audio
  • Display: Vivid Digital PRO| Multi HDR| Adaptive Backlight Dimming

Android LED TV HS450 by Panasonic has got a wide acclaim generally with a positivity to last long. And why is that? Here is the small Best Android TVs in India under 30,000.

HS450 is nothing exotic than the ones I’ve already stated but simply distinguished with features unlike others and at this rate. It runs on AndroidTV effortlessly where you can end your day surfing through enormous options. Well, they say Panasonic sees the future in their products. 

Already installed Google Assistant and Chromecast respectively deliver hands-free operation and an audio-video playing from your phone to TV anytime. What struck my intuition was firstly its Vivid Digital Pro feature that gets your vision towards the enhanced natural skin tones and detailed images. 

An original noise reducer improves the picture quality by correcting the colour and brightness. Adaptive Backlight Dimming provides dynamic and sharper quality without any extra use of power. It comes with Multi HDR mode for exceptional contrast and an experience just like theatre, that you can accordingly adjust. It has many formats in HDR. Lastly, a V-Audio system for elegant ear therapy was essential to mention.

best tv under 20000

#7 Sanyo 108cm Kaizen Series Full HD Android LED TV HD4S

Japan is known to master the entertainment technology with their futuristic advancements. Sanyo Kaizen series houses HD4S Best Android TV in India under 25,000 powered by the latest Android Pie 9.0. You can access a variety of licensed apps from Android TV Play Store. 

You can activate the Voice Search facility to freely operate through features verbally with Google Assistant. HD4S is installed with a Quad Core Control Processing Unit along with a Dual Core Graphics Processing Unit. Its formed with a RAM of 1.5GB and a storage of 8GB. Multitasking and internet browsing are now easier with features that can help them boot-up faster too. The Micro Dimming feature covers 512 areas to improve the picture quality from darkness to brightness all together.

This leads to a soothing visual for your precious eyes. Luckily, this built-in Chromecast allows any device from Android, Mac, iOS, Windows or Chromebook to cast them on the TV screen. The OTT apps range from Amazon Prime video to Zee5 and beyond from the Google Play Store. 

It comes with separate ports for HDMI, USB and a jack for connecting headphone. Or if you want to wirelessly multitask with your external devices then simply connect with the inbuilt Bluetooth. 

The remote of this TV is vital both in looks and keys. Very less spaces are acquired by the keys with hotkeys giving you a faster management in just a click. Its built with Dolby Digital sound system to give your ears a theatre like audio experience. Its noise reduction is advanced to Dot Noise Reduction for eradicating noisy picture quality into a clear and detailed pixel resolution.

top features of sanyo tvs

#8 OnePlus Y Series 32 inches HD Ready Smart Android TV 32Y1

OnePlus is rigorously in process to make its top spot with electronic devices. Like we know about its smartphones, it has already set up its milestone for televisions. From its Y series I’m trying to cover and calm down every curiosity about this low-cost smart TV. It costs about 16,000 rupees yet it’s something people with a low budget can obviously look at. 

Its colour range is innovative with a DCI-P3 functionality. That works with 10 bit and 1.07 billion colour displays. It provides a bright visual of colour combinations unlike others, at a cheaper price. In this case, DCI-P3 goes up to 93% with a balanced saturation in picture quality. You can optimise the video you’re watching at the very moment with the help of Gamma Engine.

Not just that, its Noise Reduction feature paired with Colour Space Mapping, Dynamic Contrast and Anti-Aliasing cater to our need for high quality experience. Anti-Aliasing is a tool to avoid block like screen interruptions. Since pixels comprise of blocks, thus these interruptions can occur within their spaces. 

Dolby Audio and 20W speakers deliver a realistic audio visual. It looks sleek in Bezel-Less design that captivates you into every scene that you’re a spectator of. Its screen or body ratio is 91.4%. Hence, it runs on AndroidTV letting you control your device with Google Assistant, download apps from Google Play Store and relive improved features. 

Google Assistant learns from 9 more languages than English for information and updates. You can control the TV from your smartphone too. For that you need to download OnePlus Connect app. 

A best thing about it is you can share your pictures directly from your phone to the TV from anywhere. It comes with OxygenPlay for easier high-quality content viewing, categorised beforehand by the licensed partners of content.

#9 Mi TV 4A PRO 80cm

Since we have started this review with a Xiaomi TV, let’s end it with one too. Not just to bracket this whole subject similar but to keep an impressive product in front of you. Mi TV PRO (32 inches) is Best Android TV in India under 15,000. Its Ultra-Bright HD Ready picture quality stands out than others in terms of such cost. 

You can observe a reproduction of colours and details because of a balance of brightness and contrast. Mi inherently houses PatchWall 3.0 to arrange all the apps from 20 plus entertainment partners so that you can easily access your desired contents. Apps line up from Netflix to Hotstar and beyond. It allows One Click play and is improved than its predecessors with features like Mi Lanting Pro Font, animations and more. 

You can even browse through other apps from Google Play Store and download them to experience more. Android 9.0 runs Mi TV PRO in support of Google. You can watch and play everything you like on your smart TV.

Connect your smartphone’s hotspot to access your Mi TV’s smart features, or surf through contents along with the Google Data Saver mode. 

The pre-installed Chromecast helps to cast our smartphones on Mi TV directly. Well there’s Google Assistant to help you out with hands-free operation once you familiarize your voice on it. Its remote comes with a hotkey for Google Assistant to get you through more than 5 lakh shows at just one click. 

Now, you can control your smart devices at home too with Assistant. Mi TV also looks after your interest to provide you with recommendations accordingly. Its speakers would sweep you off your feet with 20W power and DTS-HD system. Come alive with a spectacular sound that equals with the visual quality to deliver clearer performance on TV. 

Its powered by Amlogic which is a Flagship Grade Processor to advance your TV’s performance. It’s a 64-bit A53 Quad Core processor combined with a RAM of 1GB and an internal storage of 8GB. The 7th generation Digital Imaging Core reduces noise and adjusts the visual according to the viewer’s needs. Experience a bright range of colour combinations on screen.

People looking for the best android TV in India under 15,000 can opt for this big pack without any issue.



If you want a large TV irrespective of features then go for Mi 4X 4K HD-Ready TV. But if features are something you pay heed to, take home Sony Bravia 4K UHD TV 43X74.

It’s difficult to choose from Sony Bravia 4K UHD TV 43X74 and Sanyo 108cm Full HD TV HD4S. both run head to head with each other with engaging features. They just differ in prices of which Sanyo TV HD4S costs less. But in particular we would recommend Sony Bravia 43X74, like always. It’s the best android TV in 43 inches.

No doubt, its Mi TV 4A PRO than OnePlus TV 32Y1 and is available in under15,000 rupeees.

Yes. You can control your Mi TV with the remote through Bluetooth.


So, in this page we’ve focused on best Android TVs in India that are compelling under suitable categories for you to choose from with exceptional features. Starting from the price range of 50,000 to 15,000 it gives an actual look as to how you want to adjust your budget on. 

Getting to buy the best android TV under 50,000 you should go for Sony Bravia 4K UHD Smart Android LED TV which is more advanced in features like its unaltered gaming experience out of a phenomenal display and sound quality in that price. Or if you don’t desire of any extra amenity like Bravia and want to settle with Mi TV’s extraordinary features along with size, then go on for it.

Okay, so it’s quite tricky choosing the best android TV from the list of 30,000. Mi TV, TCL, VU and Panasonic play close in claiming the top position with their features. TCL has an unlikely feature of interconnecting every TCL device at home while both TCL and VU master the visuals respectively. 

But what’s different is the persistence of Panasonic products in terms of quality. Features like, Vivid Digital Pro, Adaptive Backlight Dimming and V-Audio add superior ratings to it. Rest is up to you, which best Android TVs in India you portray into the category of best android TV under 30,000.

Next products are meant to run after, for exceptional experiences under descending price ranges. Every smart TV mentioned here hold a reputation themselves and are able to match your requirements and interiors. So why wait? When you have a lot of opportunities laid for your steps to begin with. Hope this classification came easier for you to decide on and freak out less, without compromising.

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