7 Best Smart TV Under 15000 in India 2022 | Top 32" TV (Under 15k) Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best Smart TV under 15000 in India, we are here with the best list. You can choose from any of these products.

We have thoroughly researched and collected 7 awesome and best 32 Inch smart televisions Under 15K in India that are affordable and best. All these are below the price tag of 15k. Along with the reasonable price, all these have smart features which is the best thing you will get. You can watch all the shows on the internet directly on your TV.

We have made sure that all the TVs have a maximum number of specs and come with great quality. If not, we have surely listed the cons as well. Before we get into the list, let’s see some of the important things to keep in mind.

Complete List of Best Smart TV Under 15K in India 2022

Things to keep in Mind When Buying Affordable TV

“Affordable” doesn’t always mean good. You need to keep in mind various things especially when you are buying affordable TV. Generally, the smart TV will start at the price of 25k. So, you need to keep in mind a couple of things when buying cheaper one. Here are the things to see which will help you choose the best smart TV under 15000 INR.

Best Smart TVs under 15000 in India (Comprehensive Reviews)

1. LG 32 Inch Smart TV 32LM563BPTC Review

LG smart tv features

LG is one of the best TVs you can get if you want to go to an affordable range. The TV is 32 inches and is a smart TV. There is no need to worry about the model. The model was launched in 2020 and comes with all the latest specs. 

For smart features, you will get Web OS here. It’s better than android and is easy to navigate. You will also get an HDR display. Along with the trust of LG, there is enough warranty for the damage.

The sound has 10 watts output. It comes with 2 speakers and DTS virtual system. So, the overall sound is great.You will get all the smart features like screen mirroring and multi-tasking. It also has office 365.

Not to mention, it also includes Dolby Audio. For better picture quality, it has a dynamic colour enhancer that will show you a clear display. The navigation panel is also too good. Overall, it’s the best Smart TV under 15000 in India. If you are looking to buy a TV in an affordable range from a reputed company, this one is for you.



2. MI TV 4A PRO Review

MI has recently captured the entire mobile market in India. There are good chances that you are also using a MI mobile phone.

The same mobile brand has now launched the TV at affordable pricing. You can get the latest MI TV which is MI TV 4A pro. It’s a best 32-inch Android TV under 15000. One of the coolest things about this TV is the data saver.

Here, you will get a data saver feature. This will save your wifi data. Although most people in India have unlimited high-speed internet it will surely help you in tough times.

It comes with PatchWall 3.0 which will show content from all the places in one place. They have more than 20 partners from which you can see the shows and movies.

The sound and the picture quality is awesome. Fully compatible with Google’s assistant, this TV also has a powerful stereo feature + DTS HD. It has 1 GB of RAM and has android 9.0. If you like their mobile phones and are satisfied with their services, you will surely like this TV too. There are many interesting features that you will get here.

We will see the pros and cons now. With that, you will get a clear idea of whether you should purchase this TV or not.



3. Samsung 32 Inch Wondertainment UA32T4340AKXXL Review

For the people who love Samsung, you should surely check out the new Wondertainment series. They have many affordable televisions that you can go with. The best Smart TV under 150000 by Samsung is this one.

It supports HD display and has 2 HDMI port. The sound has 20 watts output with Dolby digital plus. It has many smart features. The operating system here is Tizen. The OS is pretty new for many users. So, you will take some time for you to understand it.

The resolution is 720p. It comes with HD picture quality with vivid and scripts details. There is a content guide that will help you by recommending popular shows. The display has an ultra-clean view and purecolor.

Samsung TV comes with a music system. You will get an amazing sound when you are playing music. There is a mode which will allow you to convert the TV into a computer. Overall, it’s a great TV. If you are a Samsung lover and are looking for a Samsung TV in a low range, this one is perfect 32 Inch Smart TV Under 15000 for you. It has almost all the things that you will need.

Overall, build quality is also durable. The TV looks a little thick when it comes to the design. However, that’s not a big issue that you should stress about.



4. Kodak 32 Inch Android LED 32HDX7XPRO Review

Most people already know the brand name but you might have not heard about the TV. Kodak came up with a TV that you can buy in an affordable range. It supports an HD screen.

It has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. Most of the televisions have only 2 HDMI ports. You can easily connect the gaming console or Blu-ray player with this. The sound output is the same as most of the TVs (24 watts). It has all the smart features which include apps like Chromecast, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, etc.

Kodak TV is slim and comes with a stylish design. It works on android 9.0. TV is good for gaming purposes as well. You will get an amazing visual experience here. It supports more than 5000 apps and games.

Most of the TVs in this range has average sound quality. However, that’s not the case here. You will get amazing sound quality along with the voice recognition feature. The display resolution here is 1366 x 768 pixels with a 60-hertz rate.


kodak tv advntages


5. CloudWalker 32 Inch Smart TV X332SHX3 Review

Don’t worry, it’s not another foreign brand. It’s a made in India brand whose TV is in the list of one of the most affordable televisions out there. It comes with a 32-inch screen and it’s 2019 model.

It’s an affordable smart TV under 15000 in India. It will cost you way more than the above-given brands. Therefore, if you want to save money, this one is the choice for you. On the other hand, if you are ready to adjust the budget, you can go with the 55-inch screen instead of this one. It’s an HD-ready TV thathas 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. The smart feature has a Smart TV cloud OS which is good.

It’s an android-based OS that works on 8.0 that is Oreo. That might be an outdated version of the OS for many people.

So, if you are among the people who want the latest version, this is not for You. You will get all the popular apps installed including Jio Cinema, Disney+ Hotstar, Movie box, Bloomberg, Netflix, etc. It has 1 GB of RAM and you will also get 8 GB of ROM. This is surely enough for the TV.

So, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the specs. Let’s see the pros and cons to know more.



6. OnePlus Y Series Smart TV Review

Of course, you will have heard about the OnePlus. It’s the number one seller on the Amazon website as of now when it comes to the TV. This particular model that we are talking about comes with a 32-inch smart LED screen and works on android. You surely would have heard a lot about the mobile phones of OnePlus. Here is the TV by the same company.

Just like their mobile phones, they have integrated all the smart features on the TV too. It has an HD ready display and comes with all the popular apps.

The design is bazel less which makes it even good. There are some of the extra features given in the display such as noise reduction, dynamic contrast, and anti-aliasing. It has a gamma engine which will increase the picture quality in real-time.

It also includes color space mapping along with anti-aliasing. For audio, it has a Dolby Atmos sound system which makes the overall specs great. We will see the pros and cons of TV to know more about it.



7. Fortex 32 Inch HD Smart TV FX32INTO1 Review

Fortex HD Smart TV is also one of the options if you want an affordable smart TV under 15000. It’s an HD ready TV. The features are very less but so is the pricing.

Here, you will only get 20 w output in the speaker. It has powerful audio despite the watt written. Talking about the connectivity, here the connectivity options are great. You will get 3 HDMI ports where you can connect your gaming console or Blue-ray players. It also has 2 USB ports given here. Most of the televisions have 2 HDMI ports. However, some of the affordable TVs like this one have more than 2 ports which is a great thing.

Coming to the display, here you will get an A-plus grade panel with zero dots. If you are tired of seeing the dots, here you won’t get any. It has an ultra-luminous display with a slim bezel. It isn’t bezel-free but it has a slim bezel.

So, the build quality will be great here. Unlike many other TVs, you will get that advantage over here. It has many apps such as Youtube, Netflix, Hoststar, Eros, etc. The UI is great and you will also get a screen mirroring feature here. That’s another great thing about this TV. It’s not the best smart TV under 15000 but if you want to go with affordable options, this is one of them.





Yes, you can surely get the best Smart TV under 15k in India. The screen size that you will get here will be 24 inches or 32 inches. If you want a bigger screen TV, you should increase the price range.

It doesn’t depend on don the brand. Many big brands also have an affordable option. Therefore, you should focus more on the TV rather than focusing on the brand of the TV.

It depends on your requirements. We highly recommend you to increase your budget. You don’t need to increase 5k but you can surely spend a couple of thousands more and get a better TV. There are many smart TVs in the range.

There is no one answer to this. Depending on your requirement, the cheapest smart TV might change. There are a few options that you can consider which also has big brands’ TV. Depending on your requirement, you can buy one.


To conclude, these are some of the best smart televisions that you can get at a very affordable price. If you are from India, you can get this from Amazon India as they are cheap there. One of the important things that you should keep in mind when you are buying the TV is that you need to see the various details before you buy the TV.

If you buy the wrong variant, you will end up with the wrong TV instead of the best smart TV under 15000 INR.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use the links that we have given in the list. This will take you to the official website of Amazon. You can easily purchase it there. That’s one of the easiest ways to buy a TV.

You can choose any of the best Smart TVs from the given list. It’s surely your choice and depends on your requirements. Therefore, you can choose accordingly.

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