Best Smart TV Under 40000 in India - Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Which is one of the most entertaining sources of entertainment? Watching TV has long been one of the most interesting parts of leisure time that people enjoy all around the world.

With the advent of the modern, digitized era, we have been introduced a whole new range of innovative smart TV models that are capable of delivering a highly personalized experience to the users.

Smart TV in the modern is a prevalent trend. With the latest series of major technological updates, the concept of Smart TV has become even smarter.

Therefore, if you are going to buy your first-ever smart TV, it is recommended that you should do your homework in advance.

So, if you are looking to purchase a smart TV under 40000 budget, this guide can help you find the best smart TV under 40000 in absolutely no time!

Our List of Best Smart TV Under 40000 (43 to 55 Inches Screen Size)

Complete List of Best Smart TV Under 40000 in India 2022

Smart TV is known to feature advanced specifications like ease of Internet connection, revolutionary application systems, and so more.

For your overall ease of purchasing a brand-new TV for your home, we have summarized a list of the best 4K TV under 40000 in India.

Here is an overview of the best 4K Smart TV under 40000 in India:

1. LG 108 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 43UP7500PTZ (Rocky Black) (2021 Model)

LG is a world-famous electronics giant from Korea and has its foothold on every possible home appliance out there.

As expected out of any LG LED TVs out there, the given range of UHD Smart TV by LG features a high-grade all-plastic body.

The design appears minimal, yet elegant with the presence of thin bezels all around the display.

The display of the TV is 43 inches featuring a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

The all-new range of Smart TV by LG is known to feature the interactive Web OS interface.

The UI-based OS is quite intuitive and fast in response. The applications on the given interface load quite quickly without any lag.

As far as the audio capabilities are concerned, there are as many as 2 HDMI ports along with 1 USB port to connect hard drives and other USB devices.

2. Samsung 43 Inches Wondertainment Series

Available at a fairly competitive pricing, the smart TV range by Samsung is known to feature smart capabilities and excellent display.

The 43 inches of the display is known to feature the advanced 4K UHD resolution -3840 X 2160 pixels.

It sports a refresh rate of around 60 Hz while supporting the exclusive HDR 10 content.

With respect to its smart TV features, Samsung is known to operate on the cutting-edge TizenInrerphase delivering a wide range of smart features.

The system is capable of boosting up & shutting down instantly while providing a seamless experience.

Like with other smart TVs, specifications like screen sharing, casting, and ease of navigation are also available with the model.

Moreover, you are given the ability to live cast, browse, and utilize the smart TV as a radio, computer system, and even as your gaming system.

3. Kevin 55 Inches 4k UHD Smart TV

With its impressive 55 inches of display –ultra HD display, the smart TV by Kevin is quite attractive.

In the given price range of the best smart TV under 40000, the Kevin smart TV is known to feature the biggest screen size.

The TV is also known to make use of the revolutionary HDR and WCG (Wide Color Gamut) technology delivering alluring contrast and color specifications.

As far as its smart features are concerned, the smart TV has access to Android 7 OS along with 8 GB internal storage, dual core processor, and 1 GB RAM.

The overall distortion and lag tend to be minimal while streaming gaming and videos.

Just like other smart TVs in the given segment of the best 4K smart TV under 40000, the TV by Kevin also features three HDMI ports along with two USB ports.

TV watching Pic

4. Vu 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV 55UT (Black)

This all-new smart TV range is gaining momentum in the given segment.

This serves to be a great range when you are looking for the best smart TV under 40000.

The premium range of 4K TV by VU is known to run over the OS Android pie 9.0. The TV is powered by the cutting-edge 4K Ultra HD resolution for delivering impressive sound quality with the help of the revolutionary Dolby audio processing technology.

The Android in the TV range allows you to make use of Google Ecosystem.

You can also make use of the apps like Hotstar, YouTube, Netflix, and others for an improved streaming process.

The given LED TV provides an impressive connectivity option as well to allow you to join other devices as well.

best VU smart tvs

5. Sony Bravia 43 Inches full HD LED Smart TV

The given TV in your price range is an excellent option. The TV boasts impressive performance while delivering great picture & sound quality.

With its smart features, you can connect the TV to the Internet connection for enhancing your live streaming and gaming experiences as well.

The TV is known to feature the high-end X-Reality picture processing specification for ensuring exceptional HD clarity by upgrading the pixels.

The TV also sports the advanced ClearAudio& Refine Voice Clarity specification for making the overall audio experience highly impressive.

The technology is known to work by fine-tuning the sound for delivering an enriching experience. As it is an advanced smart TV, you can connect the same to the Wi-Fi connection for playing games and streaming videos on Netflix, Prime, YouTube, and others.

Sony Bravia HD LED Smart TV top feature

6. LG 109.2 cm (43 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 43UP7720PTY

The high-end smart LED TV by LG features the 109.2 cm screen for delivering an improved viewing experience.

With an overall sound output of 20w, you can get access to a powerful audio system for improved viewing experience. There is the presence of web OS for supporting its smart features. You can even connect the TV to your smartphone and other devices.

Like with most LG TVs with full HD technology, the overall display quality is simple amazing. The upscaling 4K technology of LG TVs is also quite excellent.

The smart TV specifications of this TV range are seamless and lag-free.

Another distinctive benefit of LG smart TV over others is that it provides support to HomeKit and Apple Airplay.

7. Haier 50 Inches LE50F9000UAP UHD Smart LED TV

Smart TVs by Haier are known to deliver amazing user experiences. The TV has an amazing resolution feature that aims at delivering the clearest pictures without any blur.

There is a refresh rate of 60 Hz for providing improved connectivity. For supporting multiple devices, the TV is known to feature three HDMI ports along with two USB ports.

Some of the smart features of this revolutionary range of budget-friendly Smart TV are seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, Android 6.0 support, and effective screen mirroring.

Haier Smart LED TV also comes with a proper warranty to deliver great assurance to the users.

8. Panasonic 43 Inches TH-43GS595DX Smart TV

It is regarded as one of the best value-for-money smart TVs out there. Featuring excellent display, impressive audio quality, and state-of-the-art smart features, this is one of the best TVs in your range.

The TV delivers 4K Ultra HD display featuring 3840 X 2160 pixel resolution. The display of the TV is available with the advanced HDR technology for improving the overall contrast while delivering images that are close to real life.

Panasonic smart TV utilizes Firefox OS. The leading lime Netflix, Prime, and YouTube are pre-installed in the TV.

You can also go for mirroring the laptop or mobile on your TV. The TV also provides access to the innovative voice control feature.

9. Sony BraviaKDL-43W6603 Fully HD Smart TV

The given Smart TV range by Sony is a full HD TV featuring 1 GB RAM for improved storage. There are two 10W baffle speakers for great audio quality.

The sound specification of the TV is also known to sport the innovative ClearAudio+ technology. The smart TV features X-Reality Pro along with support for HDR and Motionflow XR technologies.

For improved connectivity, the TV has built-in Wi-Fi along with 2 HDMI ports and2 USB ports. The remote features dedicated icons for YouTube and Netflix.

The overall refresh rate of the TV is 50 Hz with the TV being wall mountable. The entire unit of the TV is quite lightweight as well.

10. TCL 139cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart LED TV 55P615 (Black) (2020 Model)

about TCL brand

One of the most striking features of this TCL Ultra HD Smart TV is its impressive display of 55 inches.

The TV is available with abundant smart features like UHD, HDR, Dolby Audio, Google Voice Search, and others. The TV features a minimalistic design appearing great in any setting.

As it happens to be an Android smart TV, Play Store is pre-installed in the unit for the ease of downloading apps.

There is the presence of 2 GB RAM along with 16GB additional storage of storing apps and other media.

Buying Guide – Best Smart TV Under 40000 in India 2022

buying guide

If you are looking to purchase the best smart TV under 40k in India, then here are the five checklists that you should consider:

A faster user interface allows you to complete activities on the go without any compromise on the overall speed.

Another great feature to look for is its support to video streaming services like Netflix, Prime, YouTube, and others.

While buying the smart TV, it is imperative to pay attention to the number of HDMI inputs in the given set. The ports are meant to be used in a series of ways like a chromecast, including a sound bar, and even a game console. If you are going to purchase the advanced 4K ultra HD model for your home or office, then you should ensure that the ports on the set are also supporting HDMI 2.0 for accommodating future sources of Ultra HD.

To be compatible with top-quality video streaming services, the smart TV that you own should feature the advanced 4K UHD display specification.

4k serves to be a major term in the smart TV category. In smart TVs, you will mostly come across 2K or 4K resolutions for improved viewing experience.

A standard media player that is DLNA-compliant can help in providing access to a series of digital photographs, videos, and music files on the storage device attached to the network.

types of smart tv

Depending on your budget, you can select the right screen size as per your preference and audience.

Moreover, you are also required to consider the number of people who are going to watch the TV.

As per the golden rule of thumb, you should aim at sitting at a distance from the TV that turns out to be 3 times more than the overall height of the screen for HD and 1.5 times more for 4K Ultra HD.

Depending on your overall ease of watching TV, you should consider the mounting height of the TV as well.

For enhancing the overall viewing experience, the distance between the TV and the viewers also plays a vital role. You should consider this factor as well.

The smart TV should provide access to the dedicated app store offering a wide variety of applications to keep the same updated with advanced features and services.

The refresh rate (measured in Hertz) is known to determine the number of times a picture gets refreshed on the screen on a per second basis. The standard refresh rate for smart TVs is expected to be around 60 times/second.


When you are looking for the best smart TV under 40000 in India, you have a multitude of options to choose from.

Based on your specific requirements and preferences, you can choose the desired one for your home or office.

Having a smart TV enhances your overall streaming experience while not putting a hole in your pockets.

Have great fun!

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