How to Connect Internet to TV (Without Built-in Wi-Fi)

The Internet is dominating the world today. Since its boom in the late 90s, there have been major changes in the world of the internet.

Today, the world is moving more and more towards a connected environment. Every device is becoming smarter.

Be it the transformation of brick mobile phones to smartphones, personal computers to laptops, and not to forget, even TVs have transformed into smart TVs.

This change is inevitable, and the smartest thing for you to do is brace these changes with open arms.

How to connect your TV that does not have a built-in Wi-Fi?

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Smart TVs are the new generation devices that help you connect to the Wi-Fi at your homes and lets you enjoy games or Netflix on the big screen.

However, what if your TV does not support Wi-Fi connection? You can still connect Internet to TV without a Wi-Fi connection! Let us find out how.


Screen Mirroring

For this, your TV should support mirroring. You can check it on the TV guide. This essentially mirrors the content displayed on your smartphone or tablet on the television screen. You would not have to connect internet to TV directly, but only to your smartphone.

If your smartphone/ tablet does not have a mirroring feature, you can download an app for the same. Now all you need to do is connect the device on TV, and you are good to go!

Chromecast is another way to go about it. It is a device that connects itself to the TV and then connects itself to the apps already present in your phone/ tablet.

The unique quality about Chromecast is that it beams content from a device to the TV wirelessly.  You can directly watch Netflix or YouTube from your phone.

Media Streamers

In case you do not have a mirroring feature on your TV, do not worry. This way, you only need to find a media streaming hub. These media streamers provide you apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HULU, YouTube TV, and a lot of other music and video streaming players.

You get all of this without having to connect internet to TV.

  • Media streaming box: The most famous Media streaming boxes available are Amazon Fire TV cube, Apple iTV 4K, Roku Ultra, Android TV, etc. These provide you with a media streaming box that connects to your Wi-Fi. The box connects itself to the TV using a USB cable.
  • Media Streaming sticks: Having the same functionality as the media streaming box, media sticks might have a little lesser capacity in terms of storage and connection speed. However, they work most of the time, wonderfully.

These sticks connect directly to the TV like a pen-drive or a dongle. The most famous sticks include Amazon Firestick and Roku Streaming Stick.

HDMI Cables

You can directly connect your laptop to the TV using an HDMI cable. This requires your laptop to have an HDMI port to start with.

Along with an HDMI cable, you also need a sound connecting cable that goes into the headphones port on both the TV as well as your laptop. This mirrors your laptop screen on the TV, and you can easily play media or surf on the internet, with sound effects.

Specialized Devices

Some media streamers are specialized for a category of viewers. For instance, take the example of Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Even though this streamer provides other apps, it specializes in games.

It offers more than 200 game choices along with voice-powered assistants.Other mediums of connection through specialized devices are:

  • Connect internet to TV via gaming consoles: Gaming consoles are getting famous by the day for hard-core gamers. These consoles have a built-in Wi-Fi feature. They allow playing a variety of games using the internet. In fact, the most famous gaming consoles are Xbox and PlayStation.
  • Connect internet to TV using a DVD player: Advanced DVD players like Blu-Ray include internet video capacity. It does provide a limited selection of Internet TV channels but would act useful for people with lesser internet needs. Moreover, a good recommendation would be the Samsung BD-F5100 Blu-Ray.

Final Verdict

It is not necessary for you to spend a huge amount of money in buying a smart TV.

Instead of making your TV smarter, you can get smarter and use any of these ways to connect internet to TV. Most of these intermediary devices will cost much lesser than a smart TV.

So go ahead and try one of these. Happy surfing to you!

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