Smart TV FAQs. Is Smart TV Really Smart? Busting All the Myths 2020

Smart TVs have gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years in India. A standard procedure which most people follow when it comes to buying TVs is to look for specifications and features.

However, in the instance where you choose to buy a smart TV, you must go through the the below mentioned smart TV FAQs as well , so that there will be no questions in your mind once you are done with your purchasing decision.


Your smart TV may strike some privacy concerns. However, you can have the assurance that your safety is taken care of.

Smart TVs are worth the buy because they have numerous facilities that regular TVs do not. It helps you stay connected.

You can buy smart TV depending on your room’s size. 43-inch smart TVs work great for rooms that have a viewing distance of 7 ft or less.

As long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection as well as products that are HDMI compatible, you are good to go!

You might want to get help from professionals to install your smart TV initially to avoid any mishaps.

There are many ways to connect your phone to your TV. You can use screen mirroring if it is available on your model.

No, it is not necessary that all smart TVs come with smart remotes.

Yes, you can watch regular cable channels on your smart TV.

You might need a subscription to a set-top box as well as an antenna to watch normal channels, but if you have online services available, you can stream without one too.

Now, apart from above mentioned smart TV FAQs, there could be other questions in your mind related to smart TVs. Don’t worry at all, I have prepared a complete list of all related questions here.  


Accept the privacy policy and activate the voice recognition feature in the settings menu. After this you can say “Hi TV” or press a button on your TV remote to successfully activate voice recognition.

You can use an HDMI cable to connect your smart TV to your home theatre system. Your smart TV comes with multiple HDMI ports for your TV accessories.

You can add a device by going through the Bluetooth settings available on your TV. Make sure your device is in pairing mode and you will see the device on the available devices list and then you can select it to connect.

If you have a universal remote then you can use it to control all your devices or you will need separate remotes for changing channels on your DTH service.

A smart Tv in general has approximately 100,000 hours or 55 years of life available. So, if you watch TV for 5 hours a day you can use your smart TV for a few decades easily!

You will need to go to settings, system settings and languages. Here, you can select English in the audio language section to change the language on your smart TV.

You can connect your smart TV to your home theatre by using an HDMI cord.

You can connect a DTH provider to your smart TV to use it as a normal TV. However, you won’t be able to access smart features on your TV without the internet.

It is possible to change the OS of your smart TV but it may adversely affect the working of your TV so it is not advised.

It depends on the streaming quality of your video. On an average, smart TVs consume 5.8 GB of data per hour when you stream videos in the best quality possible.

Yes, you can use your smart TV to attend video calls. You can also mirror your phone screen on TV to avail of this feature.

Make sure your phone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi and then go to your tv mirror settings and switch it on. Then go to your phone settings and switch on screen mirroring and select TV from the available devices and begin mirroring.

You can use a stable high speed internet connection, use the available space smartly, keep updating your software and learn to side-load apps.

You can install apps on smart TV using the App store available. Most smart TVs come with the google play store so you can install apps from there.

You can connect a portable hard drive to your smart TV by using a USB.

Download the Hotstar app on your smart TV and sign in to use it on your smart TV.

You can use the smart TV in many ways but buying an Amazon TV stick will be more economical. So, in the end it depends on your requirements.

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