Smart TV vs Android TV - Explained In Detail

The world has spun itself around technology. Everything and anything we do is somehow related to technology.

Smartphones, digital cameras, smart cooking, smartwatches, and even smart toilets. So, how can the ‘idiot box’ remain the same?

The evolution of television has been amazing. New operating systems have emerged, all claiming to be the best.

Most people think about the best resolution, panel and the sound quality of the TV. But, the operating system is one of the major factors that need to be considered. 

We all have heard about Android TVs and Smart TVs but how are they different.

If we compare a Smart TV vs Android TV, both run differently. Our guide is based on the key points you need to know about them.

Difference Between Smart TV and Android TV - Complete Guide 2020

What is Smart TV?

types of smart tv

Smart TVs were initially known as Connected TVs. They are the newest trend in the market.

They have flat-screens and are digitally activated. Smart TVs have several apps built in them.

Also, you can connect them to the internet either through Ethernet cable systems or through WiFi.

The operating system of Smart TV should support a wide variety of services to stream videos.

Some lesser-known services are also included by its operating system. It can also have other common features like recording a program when you are unable to watch.

It also supports codecs for video and audio. You will also find voice command support. An app store is also included in the Smart TV that entertains you beyond just watching shows or movies.

The Good and the Bad ?

Smart TVs are not anything like old television sets meant only for watching shows and movies.

They have become complete packages. You can stream sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime or simply just surf the world of YouTube.

The latest versions of Smart TV also include features like voice recognition and motion gestures. Smart TVs also facilitate other activities. For example: playing games and checking your social media sites.

You can now easily sync your phones or other devices with Smart TVs. Also, you will have only one remote to run all operations.

This is convenient because it excludes the confusion of functioning multiple remotes.

However, Smart TVs are not an affordable choice. Because of all the trendy features, the prices of Smart TVs have been shooting high.

Moreover, they do hang up while functioning. The system is also susceptible to crash, and it can also be hacked via radio transmitters.

What is Android TV?

smart tv features 2

An Android TV is quite simple to use. You can compare it with using an Android phone.

Both include a Google Play Store to get the apps needed. To sum up, Android TVs are made to bring the convenience of your phone to your TV.

However, that does not mean you can make calls through phones. It just means that navigating and accessing entertainment is done through simpler interactivity.

Moreover, Android TVs are like Smart TVs, only with a more recognizable interface.

The operating systems of Android TVs can be quite confusing. The performance of these Operating Systems is based on Androids.

However, it does not have Google-based apps. The android system acts more as the base. The OEM acts as the custom skin for the TVs.

Also, you may or may not find video streaming services in Android TVs. In case you don’t, you can sideload the apps or services you need. 

Android TVs also come with the Internet of Things (IoT services). Basically, it a plus, you get a Google Assistant too for further convenience.

The Good and the Bad ?

Android TV is a more affordable choice than Smart TVs. If you want to stay strictly under budget limits, Android TV would be your ideal purchase. Moreover, it has the ability to turn any TV into a Smart TV.

Furthermore, an affordable way of accessing Android TVs is to get an Android box. Android boxes are portable. You can take them anywhere and plug it into any TV.

Also, it contains a massive library for apps. You can download publications, games or video streaming services. For example, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and HBO Go.

Before you purchase it, make sure that the device has the basic video streaming services installed. That way you will not need to go through the hassle of installing them.

You should also know the basic interface required by Android to run the TV. Do some research about it to gain better knowledge.

Buying an Android box is an advantage because the device will help you stream more options.

Best Smart TVs and Android TVs

Smart tv and android tv difference

You will find several Android and Smart TVs in the market. They may seem reliable and efficient. But, not all brands are worth the value. Some might even dupe you and waste your money.

We have gathered here the names of some of the brands that will give you the best Android and Smart TVs.

Some of these brands also manufacture TVs with Bluetooth connectivity. So, that will be another feature you should look for while buying.

Smart TV vs Android TV: Which is Better?

Smart TVs do have a lot of exciting features. They are trendy and widely accepted as the TVs of the new era.

However, Android TVs seem to be a more practical approach.

First, Smart TVs are going to cost you way more than an Android TV.  Being affordable for most people is one of the biggest advantages of the latter. They can perfectly fit into your budget.

There’s another prolific advantage that Android TVs have over Smart TVs. You can convert any regular TV into a Smart TV using the Android Box. However, you can’t do the same with Smart TVs. Smart TVs lack that versatility. You cannot convert them into Android TVs.


If you want to get an Android TV, you will have a practical advantage.

However, if you are ready to spend more, you can go ahead and get a Smart TV. We hope our review about Android TVs and Smart TVs helped you get an insight.

The information provided in this article is well-researched and for useful purposes.

Happy Shopping!

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