TCL Smart TV Reviews & Top 5 Best TCL Smart TVs in India 2022

Smart TVs have become an indispensable part of our lives. The TV market industry has transformed, both in terms of price and technology.

One of the best brands to consider is TCL, if you are saving up for a new screen.

Even though they are newcomers in the space, they offer quite a robust set of features to sweep you off your feet!

With a myriad of variants in the market, choosing the right smart TV for you can appear quite daunting.

Connect Internet to TV

This TCL smart TV reviews will help you navigate through the best seemingly identical TV, along with detailed specifications.

Regardless of what you are searching for, our TCL smart TV review has got you covered!

Scroll through our article to get your hands on the absolute best TCL smart TV in 2021 – and other excellent options in between

Complete List of Best TCL Smart TVs (32 Inch to 65 Inch Screen Size)

About TCL: Revolutionizing smart TVs since time immemorial

about TCL brand

Telephone Communication Limited is a famous brand for various electronics, including smart TVs, mobile phones, refrigerators, and others.

It is a state-owned Chinese multinational organization. In 2010, TCL was acclaimed at the 25th largest consumer electronics producer in the world.

This company was founded in 1981, and in 2015, it ranked as the third-largest global television manufacturer. Also, the brand has been famous for its outstanding quality and trusted service.

For decades, TCL smart TVs have been people’s NumeroUno choice when it comes to electrical appliances. Our TCL smart TV reviews discuss the commercial benefits of investing in their smart TVs.

Discover more about their affordable and dynamic range of smart televisions. Get yourself a smart TV that does both – serves and supports!

What Are The Top Features Of TCL Smart TVs?

Being one of the fastest-growing brands throughout the world, TCL offers a powerful yet affordable technology in its range of smart TVs.

Moreover, the company’s brand value proposition is “The Creative Life,” that defines their excellent craftsmanship in the field of smart televisions.

The defining difference between any smart TV is based on their attributes that make up for a higher price range. However, TCL smart TVs offer exceptional features, varying from their HD display to robust construction.

Each of their TVs features a stylish design and the latest specs.

With powerful expertise in manufacturing products for 38 years, consumers have a gamut of options to choose from.

Next on our TCL smart TV reviews, let us cover the innovative features and functionalities that all the TCL smart televisions have to offer!

top features tcl smart tvs

TCL has begun rolling out quantum-dot powered displays in its latest high-end smart TV sets. These are nano-sized crystals that are made with semiconducting materials possessing great light-absorbing and emitting properties. These capacities facilitate a remarkable display quality while enabling energy efficiency.


Quantum display offers an advanced color volume that makes visuals on the screen appear life-like and sharp. This is opposed to the traditional display qualities that combine with adjacent colors. Additionally, with more than a billion colors, TCL’s quantum-dot display technology provides rich and brilliant colors that persist on the screen even during the brightest scenes.

The best smart TVs from TCL come with a streamlined industrial design. The major factors that lead to its ultimate design are its solid frame, brushed metal construction, and jewel-alike power button. Did you know that TCL was awarded the Reddot award for its design in the C2 series smart TVs?

TCL’s smart TV range features a High Dynamic Range (HDR) that intensifies the image quality on the display screen. Therefore, the bright aspects of the image appear much brighter, and the image possesses greater depth.


TCL expands the frequency of two essential factors – color accuracy and contrast ratio. In addition to the high image quality, the color range in an HDR10 setting expands to exhibit brighter greens, reds, blues, and other hues in between.

The brand has bifurcated its TV OS into two parts – Roku OS and Android OS. Most of the models shipped in India feature Android OS. On the other hand, Roku OS is popular in the US smart TV models.

TCL Smart TVs accompany Harman Kardon speakers along with Dolby Digital Plus sound functionalities. Harman Kardon speakers are a premium class of sound systems that is mainly used by automakers due to their powerful functions. These speakers are additionally complemented by Dolby Digital Plus sound surround technology.

It provides persistent cinema-style audio. Additionally, it adds more power and depth for a crisp and clear-cut sound flow through the elite speakers. Moreover, the “Stadium mode” technology efficiently creates a stadium-like atmosphere. This is also a useful feature that aids avid sports viewers with an impeccable experience.

Advantage and disadvantage

Advantages of using TCL smart TVs

Advantages of using TCL smart TVs

Every product consists of both ins and outs that accompany it. Similar is the case with TCL smart TVs. There are several perks that the brand offers, along with exceptional characteristics that surpass other TVs in the industry.

Disadvantages of using TCL smarts TVs

No brand could be perfect! There are a few disadvantages of using TCL smart TVs too. However, these can be overlooked when it comes to comparing with other benefits and features of it

smart tv buying guide

Top 5 Best TCL Smart TVs in India

After hours of meticulous research, we have laid out all the worth-noting details of the best TCL smart TVs on our TCL smart TV reviews:

1. TCL 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Certified Android Smart LED TV 32P30S

This 32-inch HD smart TV is an excellent choice from TCL.

It is full of appealing features and possesses an easy-to-use interface. Also, the ergonomic design and structure, along with the latest TV technologies, make it a functional TV at a reasonable price.

Additionally, it has 2 HDMI ports, along with 2 US ports to connect other devices and hard drives. This TV produces a sound output of 16 watts. 

2. TCL 107.88 cm (43 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV 43P65US

Our next top TCL smart TV is the 43 inches UHD LED model. This highly affordable smart television has a 4K resolution with added features and a wireless sharing option.

It carries 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port for connection with other USB devices. In addition, the sound output of 20 watts, combined with the DTS-Dolby digital sound system, sets it apart from ordinary smart TVs.

3. TCL 123.13 cm (49 inches) Full HD LED Certified Android Smart TV P30 49P30FS

The next top TCL smart TV in line is the 49 inches Full HD LED model.

This highly affordable Android O LED TV has a Dual Core MALI 470 Graphics Processor with a slim design that gives it a perfect mix of function and fix.  

It carries 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port for connection with other USB devices. In addition, the sound output of 20 watts, combined with the DTS-Dolby digital audio system, sets it apart from ordinary smart TVs.

4. TCL 125.64 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 50P65US-2019 (Black) | Built-In Alexa

TCL’s 50 inches Smart LED TV will boost your television experience in a split second! For starters, this model features a built-in Alexa to serve your ideal music requirements.

Moreover, it has 3 HDMI ports for connectivity and 2 USB ports in addition. Like other models, this TV set also offers a powerful Dolby digital sound output of 20 watts.

5. TCL 138.71 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55P65US-2019 | Built-In Alexa

If you are looking for a fabulous television experience, then TCL’s 55 inches smart LED TV is the ideal choice for you.

It offers 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports for connectivity with Blu Ray players and gaming console. Additionally, you get a warranty of 18 months, which is an added bonus!

TCL outshines other brands - Here’s Why

If you have settled on purchasing a TCL smart TV set, you must be wondering what other aspects make it superior to a gazillion brands in the market. Have a look at the major reasons why TCL is better than its contenders:

TCL Vs other brands

TCL believes in offering more things for less money. The brand is known for its dynamic range of the latest functionalities that several other brands do not offer, even at a skyscraping price range! With their smart TVs, you would be satisfied by making the most out of your money!

You can identify the stunning design of a TCL smart TV from miles away! A sheet of glass fronting screen runs throughout the edges of the television for a minimalist appearance. At the same time, the metallic edges at the bottom provide it with a thicker, and glossier look!

The high-quality image display, due to extravagant brightness, will blind your eye! Also, all the smart TV models from TCL make bright colors appear brighter, and the blacks and greys more defined.

FAQs - Making it easy for our viewers


TCL smart TV has an Android operating system.

Yes, Netflix is available on most of the TCL smart TVs.

A TCL smart TV supports YouTube, Pandora, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, WatchESPN, Spotify, and much more.

In most cases, the power button in a TCL smart TV is towards the back.

China is the manufacturer of TCL.


A smart TV is no less than a lifetime investment. Before you hastily get one at your home, make sure that you refer to a good number of reviews! Our TCL smart TV review has covered all the essential details you must know of.

Now, you are just a step away from unveiling the greatest smart television of your life!

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