VU TV Review - Top 5 Best VU TVs in India 2022

Smart TVs are all the rage in the world of technology now. The convenience of use that comes with smart TVs is one of the reasons why they are so popular among people. Smart TVs have a wide range of features and specifications. 

Irrespective of why you wish to buy a smart TV, there are certain things that you need to consider before buying one. All smart TVs do not have similar functions and may vary from model to model.

VU Smart tv reviews

VU is one leading brand of smart TVs. This VU TV review will help you choose the best smart TV for you. These variations can also be observed from one brand to another. You need to do your research well and pick the right brand for you.

Smart TVs come in various price ranges too. The lower you go on the price scale, the lesser features you avail. 

That, however, does not mean that the cheaper variants are of any lesser quality than the more expensive ones. Continue reading to learn more from this VU TV review!

Complete List of Best VU Smart TVs (32 Inches to 65 Inches Screen Size)

What Are The Top Features Of VU Smart TVs?

best VU smart tvs

VU provides quality products at affordable prices. They are one of the leading producers of smart TVs. Their products have a large number of features that are common to almost all their basic models. The higher up you go on the price scale, the more features you experience.

So, let’s start this VU TV review with exploring the best features of the brand.

One of the most common reasons why VU is a popular brand for smart TVs is the affordable price point. The prices at which VU begins selling its smart TVs are very affordable. These price points are not there in most other top brands.

The low cost does not mean the quality of the product is compromised. All the items sold by VU are of top-notch quality. If you are planning to buy a VU smart TV, be sure to go through this VU smart TV review.

All VU smart TVs can connect to the internet. This connectivity to the internet is accompanied by a Wi-Fi connection as well. This connectivity lets users browse through a myriad of online options on their televisions.

VU smart TVs also have the option for apps and games. This means people can make use of the internet to download numerous apps on their televisions. These apps do not necessarily have to be streaming apps.

Apps that are downloaded on the VU smart TV can either be ones used for streaming or otherwise. VU smart TVs are compatible with gaming apps as well. This way, you can have a multifaceted use of your television.

With numerous features and apps that you can download on your television, you will never get bored!

The VU smart TVs also have the option of a web browser. You can use the internet to surf the internet on your TV. You can also access your social media handles through your VU smart TVs. 

The connectivity you get with your smart TV is great. The number of features available on a VU smart TV are incomparable to any other smart TV at a similar price point.

Most people opt for smart TVs because this way, they can stream whatever they want to at any point in time. VU smart TVs combine this function with countless other features and make your experience more exciting.

Apart from this, VU smart TVs also have a gesture control feature. This feature is a futuristic addition to smart TVs. It truly adds the extra touches to your smart TV. VU smart TVs also come with a smart remote, which makes controls significantly easier.

In most VU smart TV models, there are 2 HDMI connectivity ports. You can connect your gaming consoles and sound systems to your smart TV with great ease. Along with this, the VU smart TVs also have 2 USB ports for additional connectivity. 

The external design of the VU smart TVs is sleek and futuristic. They can fit well in any setting and will complement your décor effortlessly. The display of all VU smart TVs is HD and complemented by a complete LED backlight.

These features may vary from one model to another. So, based on your requirements, be sure to go through each models’ specifications. This way, you can make the right decision for yourself. The various models discussed in this VU smart TV review will back this up.

Advantage and disadvantage

Advantages of VU Smart TVs

One of the most popular reasons why people opt for VU smart TVs is because of their exceptional price points. They are truly a smart TV brand that gives you value for your money.

The number of features you get with these TVs is something that you may not find with most other brands.These TVs are perfect for any budget and fit for everyone. 

The picture quality you observe in VU smart TVs is far better than most TVs in a similar price range. All smart TVs by VU have an LED screen. This picture quality gives you a clear view of anything you watch on your TV. It also makes your gaming experience significantly better!

The sound quality experienced is exceptional at this price point. If you connect your VU smart TV to good speakers, you can experience the Dolby digital sound quality with surround sound and sonics. This sound quality is often seen in TVs that are towards a higher price end. 

VU smart TVs come in various sizes, and you can find a TV that works for your every need. From large-sized TVs that work for living rooms and are great for family gatherings to small inconspicuous ones. There is one VU smart TV available for your every need!

Disadvantages of VU Smart TVs

Many users faced difficulties in installing the television. The installation services have been outsourced to many companies, so experience may vary from person to person.

Customers complained about its durability. Many users also faced a decline in sound quality after prolonged usage

List of Best VU Smart TVs in India

1. Vu 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready UltraAndroid LED TV 32GA Review

This VU smart TV Review highlights the exemplary HD display of this 32-inch variant. It has a strong sound output of 20 watts with Dolby Audio. The build is sturdy, and it comes with the option of either hanging it up on walls or placing it using stands. 

You can download various apps on this TV with the help of a fast internet connection.

2. Vu 100 cm (40 inches) Full HD UltraAndroid LED TV 40GA Review

This 40-inch full HD variant is a great addition to this VU Smart TV review. It is a top product in India because it is packed with features. The display is full HD, and the screen is LED-backlit. The sound quality has a powerful output of 24 Watts with Dolby Audio.

There are 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports available for additional connectivity. This model can be mounted on walls or be kept on a surface otherwise. It is lightweight and has an android pie 9.0 as its smart feature.

3. VU 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD Smart LED TV 43PL Review

This is a fairly new model launched in 2019 and one of the best smart tv under 20000 in India. It has a full HD display and a smart OS along with a fast processor. Moreover, it has 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. It has a strong sound output of 20 Watts and comes with a stand or the option of wall mounting.

4. VU 138 cm (55 Inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 55 OA Review

This 55-inch model is one of the best variants in VU smart TVs. This site is appreciated by families of larger sizes. This display is an ultra 4K HD display. It also has a great sound output of 20 watts, and it runs on a quad-core processor for optimal speed.

5. VU 163 cm (65 Inches) Quantum Pixelight 4K Ultra HDR Smart QLED TV 65HQ137 Review

This model is one of the larger sized variants. It is a 65-inch alternative that comes with a 4K Ultra HD display. Along with this, it also has a great sound output of 45 watts and 3 HDMI along with 2 USB ports. 

The VU v/s Other Popular Brands

VU vs other brand comparison

There is a vast difference between the price points of VU smart TVs and the most other top brands in the market like Samsung, LG or Sony Smart TVs.

This VU smart TV review covered a few of the major features that can be observed in VU smart TVs. However, smart TVs by Samsung are built by them from scratch. Similarly, LG created new display technology for their smart TVs.

The technology used in their smart TVs is developed by Samsung or LG itself. Whereas, the technology we witness in VU smart TVs is adopted. This is the reason why smart TVs by other brands are significantly more expensive.

If affordability is a factor that matters to you, then VU is far more superior to most other popular brands. For instance, Sony Smart TVs are reputed worldwide and are considered a premium quality product from the brand. However, the difference in the price point makes it a difficult choice. 

Popular smart TV brands like Samsung or LG have superior features, VU has similar and decent features but in a much lower price range.

FAQs : VU Smart TV Review


Yes, to enable screen sharing on your VU Smart TVs you need to have a fast and reliable internet connection.

Yes, all VU smart TVs are Wi-Fi enabled.

Yes, you can connect your smart Tv to any smartphone, android, or iOS.

No, all displays are not 4K. They are full HD, and the picture quality is very high. The 4K model available is 43BU113.

Currently, there is no voice control available on the smart remote, but you can type in your searches.

Yes, you can connect headphones so as to not disturb people around you.

No, you cannot use 5G wireless internet. However, you can use a 4G connection.


Buying the right smart TV is a decision that you need to make after ample thought. Read this VU TV review to learn almost everything there is to learn about these TVs. Go ahead and make the right decision and find a smart TV that works best for you!

If you still have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below now. 

Happy Shopping!!

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